May 31, 2022

GetFbStuff – Facebook Video Downloader

Have you ever wanted to download a Facebook video to show it to someone? Maybe you have other reasons for this – we have the solution for your wishes. Facebook has now become an interesting platform worldwide, and facebook videos are also affected at this hype. Did you know that thousands of videos are uploaded to Facebook every minute? You can save such a video directly on your device. This works with the Facebook Video Downloader.

A practical tool

With this free tool you can easily download and save your Facebook videos. You can do this with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

You simply select the format you want. Mostly it is the MP4 format – or you choose the HD quality. The following devices and systems work:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • Android

The video page is called up directly, then the video is extracted. All you need is the link.

Getfbstuff is a free online tool. You can use it to download all videos directly from Facebook. You don’t need to install any software or anything before that. It doesn’t get any easier than that to download a video from Facebook.

HowTo download the video

If you want to download the video from Facebook, just copy the link or the address of the respective video. Then insert the corresponding link in the input field at Getfbstuff. Just click on the Download button at the top and within some moments the video should be downloadable. It doesn’t take long for you to enjoy your video. Getfbstuff is an excellent way of doing this because you can download the facebook videos in the best quality.

In case of an error message

You may get an error message when downloading a Facebook video. In this case it is a private video or it is not allowed to download the video. Just try another one.

Format and location of the downloaded file

The quality of the video and the resolution depend on the original video. That is why videos are available either in HD quality or SD quality. You can choose what you want to download. MP4 is usually the common format for all Facebook videos. You are also free to download live videos. The only requirement is that the streaming has ended. Your videos are saved in the Downloads folder of your system. You can find them there at any time.

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